Contact Details:

Greater Clark Street M B Church 

415 North Gallatin Street 

Jackson, Mississippi 39203 



Tel: 601-355-8411 / 601-842-5966
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Pastor & First Lady:
     Pastor Eric (Jeri)  Knapp                                                                 

 Sons of the House & Spouses:
     Rev. Daniel (Yolanda) Walker                                                                                
     Rev. Symeon (Candace) Robins                                           
     Rev. Martin (Jeanette) Thompson 

     Minister Michael (Gwen) Dennis

   Board of Deacons & Spouses:         
     Deacon Lewis (Pat) Martin, Chairman                                          
     Deacon Clifford (Barbara) Ray, Vice Chairman                                    
     Deacon Reuben (Tanya) Robins                                                         
     Deacon Gregory (Brenda) Weatherspoon                                           
     Deacon Roderick (Tomeka) Thompson                                                
     Deacon Frank (Pat) Brown                                                            
     Deacon Marvin (Ruby) Jamison  
Board of Trustees & Spouses:
     Trustee Willie (Glorya) Robins
     Trustee Deval Miller
     Trustee Quentin (Rachel) Watkins, Vice Chairman
     Trustee Benjamin (Celese) Keys
     Trustee Charles (Lewistine) White
     Trustee Robert (Katherine) Buckley
     Trustee Christopher Rainey
     Trustee Jessie Hudson
     Trustee Charles (Debra)  Brent                                                    
     Trustee Kenneth Paige, Chairman
     Trustee Scotty (Bridgette) Booker                                        

     Trustee Perry (DeAlma) Evans

    Sis. Brenda Weatherspoon
    Sis. Barbara Ray
    Sis. Tomeka Thompson
    Sis. Ruby Jamison

Senior Usher Ministry:
     Sis. Debra Lomax, Chairperson
     Sis. Charlie Johnson, Vice Chairperson

     Sis. Peggy Adams
     Sis. Alice Crowell
     Sis. Glenda Rainey
     Sis. Martha Brady
     Sis. Brenda West
     Sis. Tomeka Thompson
     Trustee Kenneth Paige
     Trustee Jessie Hudson

     Sis. Callie Thompson

Youth and Young Adult Usher Ministry:

Sis. Debra Lomax, Chairperson
     Sis. DeJa Dennis
     Sis. Darnecia Bolden
     Sis. Cydney Keys
     Sis. Courtney Brent

     Sis. Briana Ringgold
     Bro. Jeric Knapp
     Sis. Makaylah Thompson
     Bro. Donald Moncure
     Bro. Treavor Young

     Sis. Aliyah Thompson

     Bro. K. J. Rainey

     Bro. Myfabian Dupree 
     Bro. Ashtun Chigbo

Music Ministry:                                                                                  
      Bro. Christopher Woods, Drummer
      Bro. Jamon Jackson, Saxophonist 

      Rev. Daniel Patrick Walker, Pianist


Finance Office:                                                                           
     Trustee Deval Miller, Chair                                                                                                 Bro. Perry Evans, Vice Chair                                                                            

      Sis. Antrice Norwood-Friday

      Sis. Tomeka Thompson
      Sis. Debra Lomax
      Trustee Kenneth Paige                                                                             
      Trustee Quentin Watkins                                                                     

Pastor's Aide Ministry:
     Sis. Rachel Talton-Watkins, Chairperson 
     Sis. Lorine Whitlock, Vice Chairperson                                            

Nutrition Ministry:
     Sis. Willie B. Archey, Chairperson

     Sis. Dalphia Bankhead, Vice Chairperson                                                     
     Sis. Doristine Thompson, Vice Chairperson

Sanctuary Choir:                                                                          
      Sis. Bess Blackwell, President                                                     
      First Lady Jeri Knapp, Vice President                                   

Health and Wellness Ministry:                                        
       Sis. Bess C.  Blackwell                                                                    
       Sis. Coretta Jackson                                                                         
       Sis. Dalphia Bankhead
       Sis. Tiffanie Young
       Sis. Stephanie Land                                                                       
       Sis. Katherine Buckley                                                                         
       Sis. Tomeckieo Chigbo
       Sis. Glorya Robins 


Pure Praise Ministry:     
   Sis. Tiffanie Herron, Choreographer

Sisters In Christ Praise Ministry:
       Sis. Coretta Jackson
       Sis. Tekka Johnson
       Sis. Dealma Evans
       Sis. Glorya Robins
       Sis. Tomeka Thompson
       Sis. Dejanique Thompson
       Sis. Rita Norwood  

       Sis.Tiffanie Herron

       Sis. Andrea Doty

       Sis. Alberta Thompson

Church Announcers:
Sis. Bertha Longino
     Sis. Antrice Norwood-Friday

Youth & Young Adult Choir:
     Sis. Glorya Robins, Directress

     Sis. Brandy Martin, Assistant

 GCS Mighty Male Choir:
      Dec. Gregory Weatherspoon, Vice President

GCS Steppers Ministry:
     Rev. Daniel Patrick Walker, Co-Chairperson
     Dec. Roderick Thompson, Co-Chairperson

GCS MIME Ministry:
     Sis. Tiffanie Young, Co-Chairperson
     Dec. Reuben Robins, Co-Chairperson

Audio Visual Ministry:

     Trustee Christopher Rainey, Sound

     Trustee Benjamin Keys, Sound

     Bro. Avante Jackson, Sound

     Sis. Brandy Martin, Photographer

     Sis. Coretta Jackson, Photographer           

     Sis.Antrice Norwood-Friday, Photographer

Membership Committee:

    Sis. Debra Brent, Chairperson

    Sis. Antrice Norwood-Friday, Co-Chairperson  

Sunday School Ministry:

    Assistant Superintendent - Sis. LeDora Parker